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Adults and Couples:

In therapy I can help you develop deeper insight about yourself so you can be more in touch with your needs and desires. I can offer practical skills to change old patterns that are preventing you from reaching your potential. Through psychotherapy I can help you feel happier, more connected in your relationships, and more confident so that you can bring your desires and goals to life. I have helped many individuals overcome their struggles, allowing them to live fuller, more honest, and meaningful lives.

I specialize in treating relationship issues, anxiety, attention and concentration difficulties, depression, autism-spectrum, and trauma. I help individuals, couples, and families with relational struggles and intimacy difficulties. I also work with clients who seek help with career and job related issues, professional growth, and work satisfaction. 

Start therapy from a more informed place with personality evaluation:

I offer a brief assessment to inform our therapy work. The evaluation will help us learn about your personality and social-emotional experience. 

  • I will help you to formulate questions about goals that you hope to achieve in therapy.

  • Based on your questions and information that you wish to learn, I will administer testing tailored to your needs and goals. In the testing administration I use a variety of methods, including in depth clinical interview, objective, and projective tests.

  • I will help you gain understanding of the testing results, including how these findings relate to your current life situation, by providing detailed feedback and specific recommendations. With the information from the evaluation you can develop deeper insight about your personality, emotional experience, and relational patterns.

  • Some of the assessment questions may include: 

How do I improve my intimate relationships? 

Why do I have social anxiety?

How can I gain more work satisfaction and reduce stress?

Do I have attentional problems?

Why is my mood changing so much?

Do I have high anxiety?

Is past trauma affecting my current life and relationships?


Children, Teens, and Families: 

I offer talk therapy to teens and play therapy to children with the goal of helping them to grow psychologically, to develop coping skills, and to solve interpersonal difficulties. I specialize in psychotherapy with children and teens with a range of difficulties: depression, anxiety, ADHD, trauma, attachment disorders, and autism spectrum disorders. In my work with youth I incorporate parent support, education, and family therapy. 

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